Join WisconsinCAT as we seek to make No Kill a reality for Wisconsin's cats

Who are you guys?


We are WisconsinCAT, or the Wisconsin Cat-Action Team, a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of Wisconsin's domestic cats.

WisconsinCAT's mission is to serve and protect...Wisconsin's cats.

We are a grassroots organization responding to the need for a statewide plan for Wisconsin's domestic cats, especially the ones without homes or human companionship.

We have contacts, members, and alliances that strech around the world and to every state in the US. If that's what it takes to solve this, then we welcome the support from every corner of the planet.

Our short-term goal is to defeat Q62 through an effective worldwide media campaign and a strong get-out-the-vote effort for April 11th.

Our long-term goal is to support a statewide network of rescue operations and cat-rescue activists with a media-center that supports their ongoing work. Domestic cats should never be put down for lack of an adequate living-space.

We support a No-Kill Nation and want to help Wisconsin's domestic cats be a part of that vision.

Please support our work.