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For Immediate Release: March 11, 2005


Don’t Shoot The Cat: A Campaign for NON-VIOLENCE


Madison, WI – The Wisconsin Cat-Action Team (WisconsinCAT) announced today that death threats against Mark Smith and Stanley Temple stand in stark contrast with the group’s goals for the Don’t Shoot the Cat Campaign. “The whole campaign is about NON-VIOLENCE,” says Ted O’Donnell of WisconsinCAT “We are working towards dignity and respect for life, all life, cat and human alike. Fighting violence with violence is totally unacceptable.”

Smith proposed Question #62, which would define free-roaming cats as an unprotected species and make it legal to shoot any cat outdoors without visible signs of ownership.

Although Temple’s research on cat predation and the songbird population are cited in Question #62, Temple was not involved with the proposition nor has he spoken with Mark Smith. Says O’Donnell, “I have a respectful ongoing dialog with Stanley Temple, and we agree that an effective and humane solution to free-roaming cat overpopulation should be applied. Question #62 is inhumane not to mention ridiculous.”

WisconsinCAT is dedicated to stopping Question #62 from passing the DNR Conservation Congress on April 11. For more information on Question #62 or WisconsinCAT visit us online at